Tips to Improve your Paintball Game

By far the most exciting action packed hands on game is paintball. Never before was there a game so intense that you can actually shoot your boss and friends and get away with it! Paintball is one of the greatest games ever invented and is a relatively cheap sport for anyone from the very young to the elderly. In order to more effectively defeat your opponent, you must use certain strategies and techniques to increase your kills and decrease theirs at the same time. These are a few novel techniques to trick the bad guy, with a little help from an ex- Navy SEAL (not me, someone else).

Come in through the back door

Where else do you think they’re expecting you? When approaching your enemy, 95 % of the time they expect you to come from the front, left or right. By coming in through the rear, they’re guns are pointed in the opposite direction and they of course don’t expect it when all of a sudden they here shots from behind. Bad guys 0, good guys 1.

Right now your probably asking yourself, “How do I get in through the back door, wont they see me?” There’s another strategy you need to follow in order to make it work…

Master the art of deception

It’s been done in every war; deception of the enemy is the most effective way to defeat them. Next time your out on the paintball field, have a cannon fodder (1 or 2 expendable players) shoot like hell from the front, when the rest of your paintball team use the strategy above. Once the cannon fodder starts shooting, you blitz the enemy from behind and take them down. Works every time…

Absorb the landscape

In order to effectively win paintball battles, you need to become a part of your surroundings. The best ways to do this is not by camo gear or face paint, but simply clip of trees and shrubs for the area and strap them on to your clothes.

Lie and wait

Patience is a virtue in battle. Without patience, you might as well save the paintballs for your backyard, because jumping the gun will get you nowhere. The best patience is the art of the sniper, who lies in wait while he stalks his victims. On the paintball field, trees and shrubs can become nasty little areas to lie and wait for your prey. Just pray that they don’t see you first. (See above for that one)

I have given you just a few tips on how to win a paintball game and how to play successfully. There are dozens of other strategies and tips out there, but the ones above are time tested and proved techniques that win real battles. Next time your on the paintball field, try some of these out, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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By Robert Vrabel

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