A Guide to What Scenario Paintball is About

Is this your first time playing in a scenario game? Here is a brief guide to help you make it through your next game.

First off a scenario paintball game is typically 12-24 hours with some night play on Saturday night. The game usually has a story line and it takes place around an event in history (fictional or non-fictional) or a future event. There have been stories from Rome, D-Day, and post apocalyptic themes. Essentially the story line puts two opposing forces on the paintball field and the fun begins.

The whole point of the game is to be the side with the most points. Points are earned through running missions. Missions are obtained either through the game producer or the general. Missions include taking flag stations or certain areas of the paintball field, holding those areas for a certain amount of time, recon, and of course the ever popular general kill. Once missions are complete they are turned in to the referee and tallied for points.

You may see role players on the field. They will typically be people dressed up in costumes but not always. Role players are either characters that will help your team or hurt it depending on what actions you have inflicted on that role player. It is always best to search the role player and keep him a good distance from your general as he may have a general kill mission.

The nice part about scenario paintball is you can also be a person who just plays paintball. You can spend the entire time shooting paint and you don't have to participate in the scenario e.g. you don't have to dress up or run missions. Many people choose this route because of the length of the game. You only have to come off the field for more paint and air.

Nighttime play is a whole different beast. If you think you know a paintball field like the back of your hand try playing the field in the middle of the night. Most teams run large spotlights that can be picked up at Costco or Sam's Club for $40. Very few teams have night vision due to the extreme expense. Even fewer teams like Night Stalkers and Knightmare Tango have all members outfitted in night vision. Other teams may have one set of night vision goggles and the person directs other teammates to needed areas. NVGs do give you a huge advantage over other players they are not necessary. Large spotlights make night vision useless and can destroy cheaper units.

Scenario paintball is an event for the entire family most producers do not put up with foul language or unsportsmanlike behavior. Your local field may put on one day scenarios but the game play and storyline just does not compare to the storyline and production quality of the scenario producers.

Scenario Producers

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