Cheap Paintball Guns Give You Great Value

If you're new to the sport of paintball or would just like to save some money, here some ideas on some cheap paintball guns under $100. Paintball is not the cheapest sport out there, so you want to know a bit about paintball guns and paintball equipment before you purchase a lot of items. It's also possible to get a great paintball gun at a great value. In the line of spyder paintball guns the Spyder TL-X may look a bit cheap, but it can also take a lot of misuse. It fires at 5-6 bps, almost never chops, and is reasonably accurate, although it is quite loud. The gun has a vertical feed which gives it a high profile. It will take lots of abuse like muddy, rainy weather, banging, dropping, etc. The Spyder Xtra, manufactured by Kingman, is easy to maintain and dependable. It has a stock barrel that is surprisingly good, but it can also be finicky when used on CO2. This gun is also totally up- gradable!

Further to spyder paintball guns and if you're into looks, the Spyder Sonix is a great gun for the price. Easily maintained and solidly constructed, it has a light trigger-pull, also. It's very loud, but you're going to want to purchase an aftermarket barrel instead of the stock one. There are tons of upgrades available for this gun, too. The Viewloader Prodigy E-Grip with its electronic grip shoots at a reasonable 7 bps. It is reliable, quiet, easy to field strip, and its barrel performs well and hardly ever chops balls. Because this model of gun is several years old, you can purchase it for around $70. It is a battery-powered paintball gun and very shiny, but a good gun overall. Or, if you're looking to really save money, on your paintball equipment the Spyder Victor II is the cheapest, semiautomatic paintball gun you can find on today's market. You're going to have to purchase an aftermarket barrel, though. Solidly constructed and a reliable performer, it is a great beginner's gun.

The Ariakon Overlord is a great little marker for woodsball or scenario players looking for reliable yet cheap paintball guns. You're going to be able to shoot your opponents from over 100 feet away with reasonable accuracy. It’s durable, dependable, easy to maintain, and it is one of the best paintball guns under one hundred dollars. You can also get some great paintball equipment when you use online auctions, and as well, refurbished paintball guns have lots offer. Do your homework and be safe!

By Terry Price- Good paintball gear is your solution! Hurry today and look at what Kingman offers in the way of paintball guns!
By Terry Price

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