Popular Paintball Markers

These are some of the best and most popular paintball markers/guns available on the market.

Spyder Electra: This model, which is the most expensive in the Spyder series of paintball markers, costs only around $300. It features an electronic board with color access mode display, a 3-rnd Burst, 6-rnd Burst and Full Auto enhanced modes, with a rate of up to 20 BPS (ball per second) and an aero twist accuracy barrel. It also has an adjustable clamp feed and electronic safety mode. The gun operates on CO2 or compressed air.

Diablo mongoose II BBS LCD with EYES: This paintball marker is capable of semiautomatic electronic fire, up to 17 BPS. The Foregrip is equipped with an expansion chamber, and a rear velocity adjuster with tournament lock. The LCD version features Shot Counter, Game Timer and Auto Shut-off. Price is about $200.

Tipmann 98 Custom Pro E: Tipmann has paintball markers with price ranging from $150 to $300. The Tipmann 98 Custom Pro E, which costs around $230, is one of their latest products. It features five electronic firing modes - Semi Auto, Auto Response, Full Auto, 3 Shot and Turbo, a Stone-Honed barrel, fully customizable receiver, removable front grip and a 200 round hopper.

Dye DMC: Dye has some of the most expensive paintball markers with price starting from $700. The three dimensional contoured aluminum bodied DMC model costs around $1400. Owing to its patented FUSE? bolt technology, the DMC is capable of 23 BPS rate of fire. Setting can be adjusted through the intelligent Electronic Control (IEC). It also features a tournament legal mode and reduced eye sensitivity settings.

Evil Piranha Evil Pimp: Evil Piranha paintball marker products include the Piranha EVO, Piranha SRT E-FORCE and Evil Pimp, all medium priced. The most expensive is the Electro-Pneumatic open-bolted Evil pimp that costs around $700. The main features include electronically adjustable rate of fire, twist lock Teflon bolt, tray-less trigger frame and detonator vertical regulator.

BT-16 Tactical: another product of Tipmann, the BT-16 Tactical paintball marker is built with a vertical feed system, with an M-16 style charging handle. Its main features are an adjustable front grip, dual sight/mounting rails, eternal velocity adjuster and easy filed stripping. Costs around $250 to $300.

Eclipse EGO: The EGO is an open bolt electro-pneumatic paintball marker which features LCD optical trigger, rear function buttons, menu-driven operating system, and eye indicator. Its full adjustable ROF enables it to fire at 1 to 30 BPS (with eye off), and ROF is unlimited with eye on.

Smart Parts Impulse: The marker operates on CO2 as well as compressed air or nitrogen without the need for high-pressure system. It features a two finger trigger, maximum flow regulator, and progressive rifled barrel. There is also an optional "vision" that has an ant-chop sensing eye which prevents firing if no ball is present in the breech. Costs around $450.

05 Pro Stock: This is the latest marker product from Autococker featuring an all Delron bolt, low pressure Karnivor front block, inline regulator, threaded removable feed neck and adjustable pneumatic reg. Costs around $400.
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